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Powerful Features of LyciaApp

Explore the finely-tuned, feature-rich toolbox of LyciaApp. Each pitched perfectly to cater your specific business needs, guide your growth, and drive robust operations

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing offers a flexible way to set and adjust your product pricing based on specific customer segments or purchase quantity. It is an invaluable tool to ensure you maximize your earnings while still maintaining a competitive and fair pricing strategy. No need to approach price setting with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach any longer.

Deal Rooms & Offers

“Deal Rooms & Offers enable direct and personalized communication with your customers. Offer them special deals tailored to their needs and stimulate direct interactions right within our platform. The feature ensures that each customer feels valued and catered to, driving up loyalty and customer lifetime value.”

Customer Segmentation

Create different customer profiles and organize them into various segments with our Customer Segmentation feature. Tailored pricing, communication strategies, and promotional offers become easy to implement, ensuring you engage your customers on a personal level.

Lead Generation

The Lead Generation feature helps you create SEO-friendly landing pages to attract more valuable leads that are likely to turn into customers. Attracting the right audience is crucial in an effective sales process.

Smart Coupons

Use our Smart Coupons feature to distribute location and behavior-based discount codes. Stimulate potential or current customers with strategic discounts to increase conversions and encourage larger order size

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with ease with our Stock Management feature. Inventory updates, low stock alerts, and efficient backorder management become a hassle-free process with our platform, causing fewer instances of overselling or underselling

Custom Payments

The Custom Payments feature allows your customers to use our platform as a POS system with custom payment amounts. This flexible system ensures that transactions are smoother, faster, and tailored to each deal

Detailed Analytics

Our Detailed Analytics offer an in-depth look into sales performance, team productivity, and customer behaviour. With an all-in-one dashboard, you get a holistic view of your ecommerce activities, informing your strategic decisions and helping you focus your efforts efficiently

Custom Designs

We work in close collaboration with your marketing teams to create an engaging, user-friendly B2B ecommerce site that aligns seamlessly with your brand imagery and guidelines. The result? An online B2B sales platform that not only functions optimally, but truly represents what your business stands for.

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