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The Driving Force Behind LyciaApp

Welcome to the heart of Lycia.App, a place where technology, innovation, and business converge to create solutions for the challenges of the modern B2B landscape

Founded under the umbrella of London-based Digital Transformation and Innovation Agency – LyciaCreative, LyciaApp was born out of a clear, imperative need. We saw that the world of ecommerce was rapidly evolving, creating a paradigm shift in how businesses interact with each other. However, the specific needs and nuances of a B2B landscape lacked the attention and innovation afforded to their B2C counterparts.

With over 15 years of experience in the realm of digital solutions, the foundation behind LyciaApp carries a deep understanding of the B2B ecosystem and its intricacies. We took it upon ourselves to bridge this gap, marking the inception of LyciaApp – a standout B2B ecommerce platform, built from the ground up, to streamline and enhance the business-to-business buying and selling experience.

Our team made up of thinkers, innovators, strategists, and developers, pooling their collective experience to shape the future of B2B ecommerce. Our goal is simple – to provide an efficient, practical, and user-friendly platform that empowers your business and propels it into a future of untapped potential.

Designed for Manufacturers, Wholesellers, B2B Companies,

You don’t have to sacrifice regular B2C focused ecommerces favorite features. We design and create a fully functioning, seo focused ecommerce web site which allows you to create variable products with different colors, sizes or features, shipment tracking, automated emails, smart popups, flash sales or even smart coupons!

B2B E-Commerce
B2B E-Commerce
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