Fully Integrated B2B Ecommerce Solution

Your #1 B2B E-Commerce / Wholesale Distribution System

Lycia.app is fully integrated B2B Ecommerce platform designed to increase efficiency and enhance the business-to-business buying and selling experience. Our unique solution allows you to create your own wholesale distribution system.

Main Features

Ecommerce System Designed Specifically for B2B Businesses

Lycia.app is designed just one thing in mind and that is B2B E-Commerce. Unlike many other e-commerce tools Lycia.app’s features are tailored for business to business interactions. The platform’s smart coupons and dynamic pricing features allow for flexible, deal-driven sales strategies, directly responding to market demands and customer behavior.

Dynamic Pricing

Changing prices according to customer segment or purchase quantity

Customer Segmentation

Create groups and set different prices for different customer segments

Deal Rooms & Offers

Communicate and send personalized special offers to engage customers better

Lead Generation

Generate more leads easily with SEO focused lead generation pages

Discover the Power of B2B Ecommerce

Get access to features like dynamic pricing, customized communication, powerful analytics, and seamless stock management. Lycia.App is built specifically to address your B2B needs, transforming the way you manage customer groups, conduct trade, and drive your operational efficiency to new heights!

Our Process

Creating Your Tailored B2B Ecommerce Solution

From initial consultation to your platform going live – discover how we collaborate with you to create an ecommerce platform tailored to your specific needs.

Step 1: Connect with Our Team

Reach out to us, and let's start a conversation! We're eager to learn about your business and discuss how Lycia.app can address your unique needs.

Step 2: Custom-Build Your Platform

Work closely with our team as we design your e-commerce site which your clients interact with. This should be custom so we can reflect your brand identity.

Step 3: Go Live and Gain More Customers

Launch your ecommerce site, open your doors to online trade, and let growth follow. Our team remains by your side, offering full support and regular updates

Step 4: Track and Optimize

Our comprehensive analytics to monitor your platform's performance. Understand your client behavior, sales trends, and efficiency of agents.

Designed for Manufacturers, Wholesellers, B2B Companies,

You don’t have to sacrifice regular B2C focused ecommerces favorite features. We design and create a fully functioning, seo focused ecommerce web site which allows you to create variable products with different colors, sizes or features, shipment tracking, automated emails, smart popups, flash sales or even smart coupons!

B2B E-Commerce
B2B E-Commerce

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Don’t go yet! With Lycia.app you can increase your revenue up to 10 times! Let’s meet and we will show how Lycia.app will help your business.